Scrubbing System:

Scrubbing system is a pollution control equipments to remove hazardous gases, fumes, and other air pollutants from the industrial tanks, reactors, blenders and the external environment. These systems are majorly used in Chemical plants, laboratories, refineries etc to diffuse the acid fumes. Pollution Control Board authorities are strictly regulates the amount of pollutants from the industries and scientific laboratories. Scrubbing system is easiest way to manage the release of harmful substances in the air and adhere to the government-mandated rules. The gas released from the scrubbing system will be checked, whether the required degree of purity has been achieved.

There are two types of Scrubbing system commonly in use, Such as wet scrubbing system and dry scrubbing system. Wet scrubbing system use a liquid or solvent as scrubbing solution to collect hazardous chemical gases and powders from the industrial equipments and laboratory equipments. The recirculation pump with spray nozzle arrangement is used to spray the scrubbing liquid. When the gases or powders get contact with the liquid, they leave the air and remain in the liquid, thereby purifying the air. Then the purified air is released through the chimney.

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