Fume Scrubber

Scrubbing System is very effective air pollution controlling system for removing particles and gases from industrial reactors, blenders, storage tanks etc. Scrubbing systems operates by introducing the fumes or blending powders scrubbing liquid. The scrubbing liquid will be mostly water or any solvent. These fumes and powders are collected in the tank at the bottom of the scrubbing column.

The scrubbing system consist of a Storage tank, Scrubbing column, Fume duct and Blower, mist eliminator, Recirculation pump, spray nozzle arrangements and Chimney. Control panel also will be provided to monitor and control the entire system.

Wet Scrubber

Wet scrubber is a type of scrubbing system that removes gases, powders from the industrial reactors use of scrubbing liquid. In a wet scrubber, the hazardous gas or powders is brought into contact with the scrubbing liquid, by a spraying assembly in the scrubbing column. In the scrubbing column, the scrubbing liquid and the acid fumes or powders will get contact and the hazardous of the gas and the powder gets diffused.

Wet scrubbing system is the best pollution control equipments device that can remove both hazardous gas and powders. Wet scrubbing system has excellent performance in scrubbing of both gases and powders.

Dry Scrubber

Dry Scrubbing system is entirely different from wet scrubbing system. Dry scrubbing system are majorly used to remove gases like SO2 and HCl from any combustion process. These hazardous gases will mainly come from water treatment plants.

There is different type of dry scrubbing system designs. Dry scrubbing systems can be classified as dry sorbent injectors (DSIs) or as spray dryer absorbers (SDAs). Spray dryer absorbers are also called semi-dry scrubbers or spray dryers.


FRP Ducts are used mainly in fume extraction systems for pollution control equipments. Our range of FRP ducts made from FRP, PP/FRP, PVC/FRP depends on the corrosive nature of the gas passing. These ducts are fabricated using quality raw material and are offered in different specifications and size based on the customer requirements.


We are manufacturers of blowers for industrial use, pollution control equipments, exhaust systems and scrubbing systems. We fabricate blowers with different material like M.s, FRP, PP/FRP, PVC/FRP, SS based on the corrosive nature of the gases.

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